To enhance your transport services, reduce your costs, or remain competitive in a market increasingly complex market, Les Entreprises Yvon Bessette enterprises can meet your needs. We are at the apex of transportation of leguminous goods, and we constantly strive to offer a personalized and professional service. Our loading equipment, such as push-bin and conveyors are manufactured on request. They are used to fill and empty containers quickly and efficiently.

Les Entreprises Yvon Bessette constantly offers the highest quality service to its customers. In fact, in a just-in-time supply mode, we provide continuous communications bi-directionally with our clients to inform you of any situation which can lead to profit loss or delivery delays. In addition, we forward our customers a daily order report so that you can know the exact delivery hour and can adjust if need be.

What we offer, is a reliable, professional service without any hassle. Clients tell us they trust us for these very reasons. We provide a dedicated service and listen to clients and their real needs. We adapt to your needs. We will never request anything other than this.

Filling containers

At Bessette, we make sure containers are filled by using a specific technique for each of the dry goods we handle. In fact, every grain requires adaptation to preserve the product during its transport and to maximize container space to make the most efficient delivery possible. We hold our ...

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Warehousing and storage

To always provide flexibility in the provision of services that we give our clients, we offer a warehousing and storage service when needed. With us, you can rest assured that your goods will be stored in the best conditions so that your products will remain safe within adequate and appropriate ...

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We can perform bag labelling according to recognized quality control standards. In fact, we have mastered the provisions of the general standard for the labelling  which guarantees that bag labelling is carried out within standards. 

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With our modern and efficient equipment, we are able to proceed with worry-free palletizing. Our expertise allows us to make sure that palletizing each of your products will be carried out by an appropriate technique while protecting your goods.

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Les Entreprises Yvon Bessette comptent sur une équipe ...

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I would like to store my containers a few weeks in a safe location in the metropolitan area. Can I retain storage services?

Yes, it is possible to store containers for a varying period of time. At Bessette, we make sure we ...