Our mission is to create solid and mutually rewarding relationships with our partners by providing the highest quality services possible. In fact, our quality control tools permit us to be constantly listening to our clients by adapting continuously in an evolutionary way. Therefore, we are thus able to run effective processes by establishing profitable, effective and flexible logistics solutions.


•To perform mandates in the most appropriate manner, for the benefit of our customers, by considering the quality and respect for deadlines as main objectives to be attained;

•To make sure that we allocate the required human resources for the performance of requests from clients in a spirit of respect and integrity;

•To define and execute effective processes that ensure service excellence for the customer to define ourselves as business partners for all of our clients.

Our values of respect and transparency are pervasive in all reports that we maintain with our customers and our employees. In this regard, we make sure to continually provide true information and to achieve the expected results. For this reason, all our customers, employees and suppliers have constantly reiterated their confidence in us for many years.

Quality, reliability and worry-free. We do this to provide you with impeccable and honest service delivery. The only surprise in store is to surprise you with our professionalism and our knowledge of the industry.

Bessette: reliability, quality, worry-free.


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I would like to store my containers a few weeks in a safe location in the metropolitan area. Can I retain storage services?

Yes, it is possible to store containers for a varying period of time. At Bessette, we make sure we ...