Facilities & Equipments

There is a different technique for each dry product. Bessette’s expertise permits us to perform any handling effectively and professionally. Our facilities allow us to offer our customers dedicated, fast service which complies with all timelines.

For more than twenty years, we have seen the industry evolving, and we have even had the opportunity be involved in this development. The leguminous goods industry is becoming increasingly important in Canada has shown sustained growth in recent years. In fact, Canada is a major exporter of legumes among a few other countries, and demand continues to rise. To meet this growing demand, we are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to manage this growth while remaining effective and relevant.

Fork-lift trucks with the capacity to lift up to 43,000kg

Our fork-lifts allow us to lift up to 43 000 kg, which permits us to quickly and efficiently handle containers, safely. This also allows us to load the container without concern for the maximum weight, as our reliable equipment will be able to lift any type of load.

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More than 185,000 square feet at your disposal

Our vast space is made available to you depending on your needs. In fact, our great flexibility gives us the ability to adapt to our clients’ realities. Whether for a temporary or longer term storage, we are able to accommodate you and provide you with complete and dedicated service delivery.

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Storage of empty or filled containers at our Longueuil offices

Managing empty or full containers can represent a real puzzle for some customers. This is why we provide this service for short or longer periods, depending on your needs. Your containers will be also placed in safe locations to protect them from any potential risk.

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High level equipment adapted to the needs of the industry

Our high-performing equipment gives us the possibility to work quickly and efficiently, while respecting the agreed timeframes. Our conveyors and machinery, which are adapted to industry needs, make our work more efficient and safe. From our clients’ viewpoint, this guarantees that the work will ...

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Les Entreprises Yvon Bessette comptent sur une équipe ...

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I would like to store my containers a few weeks in a safe location in the metropolitan area. Can I retain storage services?

Yes, it is possible to store containers for a varying period of time. At Bessette, we make sure we ...