Quality & Success

The key to our success is none other than the quality of our customer service combined with our ...

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The success of our company depends on the quality of the service offered. In fact, our service is designed for the specific requirements of each client. We are recognized for our adaptability and flexibility, ensuring compliance with your timelines.

And respect for your timelines translates into cost reductions for you. Les Enteprises Yvon Bessette is a good storage service company established and based in Longueuil, very close to the Port of Montréal. We provide unloading and loading services of: containers, transport and storage.

Our speciality is the handling of dry and leguminous goods. We maintain the highest standards of quality to respond adequately to our customers’ needs. The service offered by Bessette is adapted to the real needs of people in the industry. We should also mention that we do not store refrigerated or hazardous products.

Bessette: Reliability, Quality, Worry-free.


There is a different technique for each dry product. Bessette’s expertise permits us to perform any handling effectively and professionally. Our facilities allow us to offer our customers dedicated, ...learn more


To enhance your transport services, reduce your costs, or remain competitive in a market increasingly complex market, Les Entreprises Yvon Bessette enterprises can meet your needs. We are at the apex of transportation of leguminous goods, and we constantly strive to offer a personalized and ...learn more

Filling containers

At Bessette, we make sure containers are filled by using a specific ...

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Warehousing and storage

To always provide flexibility in the provision of services that we ...

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We can perform bag labelling according to recognized quality control ...

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With our modern and efficient equipment, we are able to proceed with ...

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Bessette embellished the outside of its facilities

Bessette has renovated and embellished the outside of its facilities. In fact, during the summer, several initiatives were set up to make our premises even more ...

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Canadian Special Crops Association

Yvon Bessette and Carole Bessette attended the annual convention of Pulse Canada held in Saskatoon January 8 -11, 2012. This involvement enables them to meet people in ...

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Exporting of legumes from Canada to the European Union

In 2007, the exporting of legumes from Canada to the European Union (EU) increased to more than 200 million. Two-thirds of these exports went to the United Kingdom, ...

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Les Entreprises Yvon Bessette comptent sur une équipe ...

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I would like to store my containers a few weeks in a safe location in the metropolitan area. Can I retain storage services?

Yes, it is possible to store containers for a varying period of time. At Bessette, we make sure we ...