Customer service

Customer service is the basis of the company’s success

We know that customers give us their complete trust by mandating us to handle their leguminous goods. This is the result of several months of work and investments. Thus, we constantly strive to be available for our customers to meet all their requests, and we focus on providing the exact delivery hour and on being as transparent as possible. The quality of our customer service rests on the availability of our resources who know all our client files and who can ensure personalized follow-ups.

It is also worth mentioning that our employees have a wide knowledge of the industry. So that you can be confident that delivery will be made, you will deal with the same work team. Since our corporate culture encourages and fosters teamwork and respect, our employees remain loyal and committed to our organization.

Our customers also appreciate this culture as seen in the reports we have with them. Respect, openness, transparency are important elements that foster trust and help maintain long-term relationships.