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Our expertise is recognized in the industry. This is why our customers tell us how much they trust us year after year. We rely on solid handling experience, and some of our clients are even among the first we have supported since our founding. Our sustained growth shows that in addition to preserving our regular customers, we can also rely on the confidence expressed by organizations that retain our services on the basis of references obtained.

Whether for recurring regular or sporadic use, we can meet your expectations by respecting your timeline schedules and by paying particular attention to the contents of your delivery.

Bessette possesses unique expertise. In fact, we are the only handlers that manage deliveries of legumes exclusively, thereby giving us in-depth sector knowledge and experience. We know the techniques for each product thereby allowing us to offer you impeccable service. Furthermore, our knowledge of the various handling techniques leads our customers and partners to use our services to obtain advice and to act as the reference point in the legume handling field.


Les Entreprises Yvon Bessette comptent sur une équipe ...

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I would like to store my containers a few weeks in a safe location in the metropolitan area. Can I retain storage services?

Yes, it is possible to store containers for a varying period of time. At Bessette, we make sure we ...